Partial list of clients

Acme Theater Company
Capital Public Radio
City of Davis
Davis Arts Alliance
FARM Davis
Hopland Research and Extension Center
Hunt Companies
Point Blue
Putah Creek Council
Sacramento Mayor's Office for Innovation and Technology
Solano County Water Agency
UC Davis
Woodland Community College
Yolo Audubon Society
Yolo Conflict Resolution Center
Yolo County Office of Education
Yolo Hospice

What people are saying about Listen-Ink

Alison was great. I loved the art and friendliness. I have never seen a way where you could incorporate art and notes. I think it makes it more fun and actually want to read what we brainstormed.
--Anonymous participant, Conflict Resolution Workshop, Sacramento

I saw Alison's Being Mortal Project poster at the CHAPCA conference in Palm Springs in October 2017. Her poster was bright and beautiful and captured me so fully, it was easy to read and understand. It is essential that we have artists such as Alison to help us transform ideas into art… helps to see the concepts in new ways, helps to clarify and to remember concepts.
Thanks Alison!
--Kath Murray, Life and Death Matters, Canada

Alison provided graphic recording for a strategic planning session for educators in Yolo County. Her drawings made the day more interactive and fun for participants as they engaged in the process. I recommend without hesitation Alison to other educational institutions in the area: she provides a first-class service.
--Jesse Ortiz, Ed.D., Yolo County Superintendent of Schools

Yolo Hospice launched its Being Mortal project in June 2016, screening the Frontline film following Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End across the region. Alison came on board soon afterwards to offer graphic recording of the documentary and to capture the conversations that emerged afterwards. As a Being Mortal Ambassador, she has participated in a number of these outreach programs. The charts she has produced will be featured in the Yolo Hospice Art Show in April 2016, and her poster was featured at the annual Palliative Care Summit in Sacramento on March 13, 2017.
--Louise Joyce, Yolo Hospice Community Relations Manager

Alison has, over the course of the past couple of years, helped to refine and hone our vision of what a regional environmental education center might look like, one that would serve the needs of many distinct populations in our county to help grow the next generation of stewards of the land. Her interactive charts have helped to document the brainstorming, the shift in focus, and the identification of a very exciting site in the county seat. We look forward to continuing to have her help as the vision becomes a reality.
--Jenifer Segar, Project Director, Tuleyome

It has been a pleasure to work with Alison. The City of Davis employed Listen-Ink to support a series of collaborative stakeholder meetings with Arts Alliance Davis. These visioning sessions brought together artists, arts providers, and community supporters across multiple disciplines. Alison's drawings provided an amazing documentation of our collaborative process, and helped illustrate our ambitious vision for the arts in Davis. We have used her drawings to share the process and outcomes of our meetings, and as reminders of the great work we are doing. We look forward to working with Alison again!
--Rachel Hartsough, Program Manager, Arts & Culture, City of Davis

FARM Davis is a non-profit organization that grows food to build community and assist people in need. Alison's graphic recording efficiently organized our abstract ideas in a coherent way, allowing us to articulate our values and mission to the community through visuals, a universal language beyond words.
--Robyn Waxman, Executive Director
FARM Davis

Alison’s graphic recordings were a lively, interactive piece of a recent workshop.  She was able to capture the workshop’s major themes and the thoughts of individual participants in a succinct and compelling story-like format. Workshop participants explored the notes during our breaks, and the images have become an archive of the event that I consider much more accessible than meeting minutes. The graphic recordings are an excellent accompaniment to presentations and facilitated discussion alike.
--Aubrey White, Communications Coordinator
Agricultural Sustainability Institute, UC Davis

Alison did a fantastic graphic recording of a workshop on Board Governance for Audubon chapters.  She captured the major ideas, discussion points, and next steps, thereby providing a summary of the day for participants from ten different chapter boards. She was quick to add little icons, bird sketches and other graphics that brought the poster to life in a meaningful way for the audience!  We then shared her poster at the annual National Audubon Society meeting to reflect on the importance of the chapter network and chapter organizational development in their planning efforts.  I look forward to working with Alison again.
--Paquita Bath, President
Aligning Visions

Working with Alison is always such a treat. There’s a seamlessness about it: we come in together and it’s like a choreographed dance, only we don’t need to practice. There are exponential impacts of her recording: she is able to capture, graphically, things that nobody else in the room recognized. Graphic recording is a powerful tool for transformation, and Alison’s ability to capture a room’s dynamic makes it even more educational for the participants as well as those seeking information following the event. I look forward to working with skilled recorders for my facilitation, especially ones who have an intuitive grasp of the key nuggets like Alison.
--Kim Rodrigues, Director
Hopland Research and Extension Center

 Alison recorded a workshop session I gave on spinning to weave. Her summary was very helpful for participants both during my presentation and to review the material. In addition, it was very useful to me as a teacher to see what I was presenting through another's eyes. Alison's work adds clarity to any kind of presentation.
--Robin Lynde
Owner, Meridian Jacobs

Alison used the powerful tool of graphic recording to assist me in creating a roadmap back to health, sanity, and emotional well-being when I received a diagnosis of breast cancer. Over the course of a year, together we uncovered, visualized, and sorted out the complicated topics and feelings surrounding my diagnosis. Using graphic recording, we developed a plan of action—a blueprint for my recovery. Alison’s listening and intuitive skills and the graphic record series she created allowed me to reflect, accept, and then respond to my cancer. Graphic recording is an empowering tool and productive process for anyone facing change, making critical decisions, or seeking self-knowledge. And it's easy, painless, and fun.
--Donna Davies


Alison Kent laughs as Director Emily Henderson wonders how many hours there can be in a day. Photo by Robert Schulz.