Alison Kent grew up in Spain, where as a child she was mesmerized by the Paleolithic art of the Altamira caves and Goya’s etchings in the Prado. After studying and working for several years in the U.K. and France, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where she studied Graphic Design at the Massachusetts College of Art while working at Harvard University Press as an Assistant Editor. Continuing to blend words and images at the University of California, Santa Barbara and then UC Davis, she discovered graphic recording while studying conflict resolution at UC Davis Extension.

Alison is based in Davis, California, near Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, and is happy to travel to help people and organizations transition their way through change.

Graphic Recording is like simultaneous translation: input gets processed and output in a different form, in this case, onto huge sheets of paper. It’s a privilege to be able to help people by listening to them and helping them understand things in a new way.

--Alison Kent, Owner