Graphic facilitation is the process of listening, interpreting and visually capturing a meeting, discussion or workshop in real time usually on large sheets of paper or digitally, using a combination of images and words. It is dynamic and participatory, since people can immediately see how their contribution fits into the whole picture.

Rather than concentrate on what they are going to say, capturing content allows participants to relax and engage.

What are the advantages for your organization?

  • drawing-for-orgs-webGraphic recording makes complex ideas understandable and manageable
  • It gives everyone a stake in the process
  • It’s efficient: everyone is on the same page
  • It’s cost-effective: a productive one-day meeting can take the place of much longer sessions
  • It energizes teams
  • It creates a mural-sized document that is self-explanatory, even months later
  • It engages all types of thinkers in a playful, creative wayGGAphotographing chart