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Looking for a more effective way to navigate change? 

Seeing your ideas on paper can help you focus on the whole picture, understand relationships and improve your decision-making.

Graphic recording is a dynamic and participatory process that captures discussions in real time, in digital format or large sheets of paper, using a combination of images and words. Everyone present can immediately see how their contribution fits into the whole picture.


Who can benefit from graphic recording?

  • Organizations (large, small, cooperative, non-profit, volunteer, etc.)
  • Small groups
  • Individuals

What can graphic recording help you do?

  • Make complex ideas understandable and manageable
  • Give everyone a stake in the process
  • Get everyone on the same page quickly
  • Save money by setting your course right the first time
  • Energize teams
  • Provide a self-explanatory record of the process
  • Engage all types of thinkers in a playful, creative way

What does graphic recording do best?

  • Brainstorming
  • Team-building
  • Navigating conflict
  • Strategic planning
  • Transitioning through change

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